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Baikal A2000 Unboxed: How to Setup and Configure the Baikal Giant+ 2000 Mhs

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I received a new member to my Baikal family, the A2000. In this video, I walk you through an unboxing and complete setup of the unit to get hashing right away!

You can find your own units from many different vendors, below are some links on eBay if you want to get yours today:

New Baikal A2000 (very hard to find under $4000)

DPS-1200 Breakout Board


New HP DPS-1200 1200 watt power supply

Refurbished HP DPS-1200 1200 watt power supply

DPS-1200 6pin PCI-e Breakout Board

➤ Genesis Mining: Use Promo Code "MSimqX" for 3% off your purchase. Sign up TODAY! https://goo.gl/ocwmG2
★ Cloud Cash Rebate: Get 3% EXTRA hashing power back when I use your promo code. Make sure to leave a comment with your amount and code!

➤ Coinbase: Receive $10 after $100 deposit: Join today at https://goo.gl/ah5TRx

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